Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Comic Con Presidential Straw Poll

Ever wonder who your favorite superhero is voting for? Where better place to find out than COMIC CON? See our 2014 Comic Con poll on Obamacare HERE!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

GREITENS' HYPOCRISY: Campaign Manager Sued For Defamation of NAVY SEAL "fabricated illicit Facebook messages"

Last week Democrat turned "conservative" gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens issued a statement on his website raging against those who question him.

 In the statement he uses violent rhetoric to describe what should be done to the "Snakes" who dare to ask about his liberal record. Calling for "vicious punishment for the pathetic people who lower themselves like slime to slander" and "we can, we must—and we will—kill the snakes."
 It turns out that Eric Greitens hired one of the biggest "snakes" in the business to run his campaign.

 Greitens' hand picked campaign manager Austin Chambers(20) was named in a defamation law suit in 2014.
                           (Photo: Chambers speaks to voters as Greitens looks on.)

 The suit alleged that while managing a primary campaign in Virginia, Chambers and others fabricated Facebook messages to defame a campaign rival and effect the election.

Chambers was working on Gary Byler's campaign for Virginia Beach delegate and allegedly fabricated a Facebook correspondence to smear FORMER NAVY SEAL Scott Taylor.

  Yes, you read that right. Eric Greitens hired a campaign manager who had been sued for defaming a fellow NAVY SEAL.

The Virginian-Pilot reported in 2014:

According to a copy of the civil complaint provided by Taylor and confirmed by his attorneys, Byler's campaign fabricated illicit Facebook messages between Taylor and an alleged prostitute and shopped them to reporters and party officials in early 2013. The messages talked about engaging in sexual activity and illegal drug use and were included on fliers distributed throughout the district, the filing says.

 Taylor said the accusations made during the race - including that he had a sexual relationship with a prostitute and used illegal drugs - have stayed with him, marring his first legislative session this year and tarnishing his reputation with constituents, neighbors and potential business clients.
The defamation suit also names several people it claims worked on Byler's campaign: political consultants Kyle P. Adams and Gerald D. Scimeca, businessman and party operative Curtis D. Colgate, and campaign manager Austin Chambers.
The law suit was later settled out of court. 

It seems that there are two different scenarios to explain why Eric Greitens would hire Austin Chambers.

 Either he did not do his due diligence and research Chambers' background which would show poor judgement OR he knew Chambers was a "snake" willing to "lower himself like slime to slander" a fellow NAVY SEAL and he just doesn't care.

 Based on the perpetual hypocrisy displayed by the Greitens campaign, the latter is a safe bet.